The specifications are listed on the back: 15 ohm (resistance), 2pin 0.75mm connector, frequency range 20-40000Hz, sensitivity 98dB/mW. I have never heard of such people, I think you have not heard anything about them either. Impedance: 15Ω < br />Earphone sensitivity: 98dB/mW Cable Length: 1.25m±3cm Standard cardboard box, thin jacket. Frequency response graph from uv.Crinacle. Strange name: Tripowin TP10, outwardly similar to KZ AS16, reminiscent of CCA C16, the same plastic cases with a metal cover, I have already seen all this. Quick review.

Mic: Optional Earphone type: In-ear Frequency range: 20-40000Hz Specifications:
Drive unit: 5 Balanced Armatures Good OEM headphones that are produced (assembled) at the same factory as the headphones from Knowledge Zenith. Weight: 31g

Tripowin TP10 armature five-driver headphones. There is an inscription “Made in China” on the sides, headphones are shown on the front, a name is applied a little lower in front, there is a small description (they say we have 10 professional reinforcing emitters inside). Below were: a braided cable, nozzles, instructions and a warranty card. Standard KZ notched ear pads. On sale there is a version both with a microphone and without it. Model: TP10
When I take out the cover, the question immediately arises - why are the cases dangling? There are too large cutouts on the substrate, the fixation is weak, the cases are displaced. Plug Interface: 3.5mm Gilded Earphone interface: 2PIN 0.75mm interface

Product Name: TRIPOWIN TP10 In-ear Earphone


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