Testing BlitzWolf F1 IPX4 - Bluetooth speaker review for 2000 rubles

Three weeks ago I ordered a BlitzWolf F1 IPX4 Bluetooth speaker for 2000 rubles. By this time he had already managed to reach me, and I was able to test it on a dozen songs. Let's find out. Is the device worth the money? How is it better or worse than its competitors, which are several times more expensive?

BlitzWolf F1 IPX4 - Overview

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Bluetooth speaker BlitzWolf F1 IPX4 – Reviews

For starters, let's remember what brand BlitzWolf is. Personally, I like it, and in my opinion it is not inferior to Xiaomi in terms of the quality of the accessories produced https://jiji.co.ke/65-baby-car-seats. This company mainly produces power banks and portable speakers, which cost several times less than products from more prestigious brands.

The products of the Chinese company BlitzWolf are characterized by excellent workmanship, an example of which is the BlitzWolf F1 IPX4 Bluetooth speaker.

Bluetooth speaker BlitzWolf F1 IPX4 - Reviews

Design of the Chinese Bluetooth speaker BlitzWolf F1 IPX4

BlitzWolf F1 IPX4 surprised me very positively with its quality. The case used here is made from a single piece of black aluminium. The BlitzWolf logo is located on the front grille of the portable speaker system, and below it are the speakers, on the back side there is a subwoofer.

At the bottom, two rubber feet are tightly glued. Everything looks very nice and minimalistic.

BlitzWolf F1 IPX4 doesn't look like a poor quality speaker, quite the contrary.

There are five rubber buttons on the top, corresponding to the functions of on / off, stop / play music, connect via Bluetooth and receive phone calls, volume up and down.

Bluetooth speaker BlitzWolf F1 IPX4

Both sides of the device are covered with rubber material. On the left side, it is fixed permanently on the right side and serves as a sealing gasket. As a result, the speaker is protected from water and dust, it is ideal to take it with you to not too favorable places, such as a coastal beach.


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