New Chinese brands: ANKER — from charger to smart home

New Chinese brands: ANKER — from charger to smart home

Anker was founded in 2012 in China by former Google engineer Stephen Yang. Started as a manufacturer of laptop batteries and chargers, which were sold through Amazon directly to customers, later Anker began to produce batteries for HTC Sensation, the quality of the product and the capacity exceeding that of the original battery helped the company earn a reputation and, with it, high marks. on Amazon. And after that, chargers and cables went into production. In 2013, the company patented its own PowerIQ technology, which can determine the type of device being charged and issue the maximum current it can support to charge it.

Later in 2015, the company released the PowerPort 5 charger, the first charger on the market that can charge five gadgets at the same time, in the same year the company introduced its first portable battery - PowerCore with a capacity of 10,000 mAh. In 2017, Anker Technology Co., Ltd. becomes Anker Innovations Ltd. and launches five brands: the already familiar Anker, which produces chargers and cables, Soundcore, which specializes in speakers and headphones, Eufy, which produces smart home connected devices such as robotic vacuum cleaners, video surveillance systems, etc., the Nebula brand is responsible for the production of portable smart multimedia devices, and, finally, the Roav brand under which smart devices for cars are produced - video recorders, chargers, jump starters, etc.

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Anker A2625 charger

Universal charger with two output ports, one of them is USB type C with support for Power delivery with a power of 18W, the second is USB type A with a power of 12W. The case of the device is made of white plastic, size 62x63x29 mm, weight 133 grams.

Price: $23 I want to buy!

Anker PowerPort Speed ​​5 charger A2054

A powerful desktop charger that allows you to charge everything at once. The device has a size of 99x71x28 mm. Five USB type A ports with a total power of 63 W, two of them support Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0 fast charging technology with a power of 18 W, two more ports can output 5 V, 2.4 A. The charger case is plastic, dimensions 83x67x28 mm, the weight of the gadget is 193 grams.

Price: $30 I want to buy!

Anker PowerWave Pad A2503


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