The Teflon feet protrude slightly from the case. Saving takes place in the mouse memory and when
When connected to another computer, the settings are saved. Beaver to all.

Machenike M531 4000 DPI RGB Gaming Mouse

The product was provided for writing a review by the store.
It's nice that the instruction is focused on the Russian-speaking consumer. The Machenike M531 wireless mouse is oriented like a computer mouse and has 2 types of connection: wired and wireless.
For testing, we will use public programs.
Supplied in a branded cardboard box in black and purple tones with brief technical specifications and QR codes to the official website. In general, an interesting mouse with the ability to use both wired and battery powered. With the backlight on, I had 47 percent battery life for a week of use, but I occasionally connected the mouse to my computer for testing. A pocket for a USB receiver is conveniently made, which does not interfere during work through a wire, and can be set for wireless operation at any time.
At the top, there are 2 main side buttons and a scroll wheel/secondary button. The illumination of the lower part and the chip can be adjusted in a proprietary application.
For more precise settings, you need to use proprietary software that will have to be downloaded from the official website.
Double clicks
On the lower part there are 3 Teflon legs under which there are self-tapping screws for disassembly.
The right side is completely empty, but on the left there are three additional function keys that can be reprogrammed in a proprietary application. After installation, a window with 4 submenus for settings will become available: color visualization, control buttons, color highlighting by resolution and creating / editing macros. Teflon legs are the most budgetary solution and not durable, but have excellent glide on any surface. In addition, the mouse uses a PAW3220 sensor with a resolution of 4000 DPI and a proprietary RGB backlight.
The mouse itself has a non-symmetrical structure and is designed for right-handed people, although it is possible that left-handed people can handle it.
The USB receiver is quite small, but the range is over 10 meters.
The seller offers a $5 discount on the coupon ZOUZKO The keys are soft and almost inaudible click moment.
There is a logo on the lower part of the back and at the moment the backlight is turned on, it shimmers with RGB backlight.
Inside the plastic box is a mouse, power cord and instructions. The button for switching the resolution on the bottom part is not quite well executed, but as practice has shown, there are less chances of phantom inclusion in game clatters. Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules
Characteristics: On all windows, the battery level is available, as well as reset to factory settings, save profile and reset profile. The case is covered with a pleasant soft-touch coating. The sensor is located in the middle of the device.
In front of the connector for connecting the power wire, which at the same time can happen for wired control of the gadget. Long-term wireless operation is supported by a capacious 1000 mAh battery.
The control of both the wireless version and the wired version is very convenient. Depending on the
the set resolution, the color indication of the logo lights up.
Power cable with nylon braid, ferrite filter and Type-C connector.
Inside we meet HUANO switches, PAW3220 sensor chip and 1000 mAh battery. Judging by the results, the declared characteristics correspond to reality. Here you can also see a sticker with brief technical characteristics, a backlight switch, a frequency selection button and a USB receiver. For ease of storage and use, a screed is used. The grip is very comfortable and for sure holding on the sides there are multiple horizontal stripes. The wheel does not have a pronounced pattern, but the grip is very good.


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