So for a general understanding: in 5 gears (there are 5 in total) at a speed of 100 km / h on a straight and level road, the tachometer readings are at 2000 rpm. The first impression in the car is a quiet delight, probably also because it is the first new car. Yes, another moment - out of habit I decided to do anti-corrosion treatment, drove up - the guys looked at the car, then looked at me strangely and said that nothing needed to be done, believed and did not insist. The only short time I showed that with robotic climate control in hot weather, the engine becomes tighter, the car becomes less chewy, I think that for which it would be necessary to have a dvigun 1, 6, then there would be no problems. dvigunom, then at this hour I bought a bi її.Before that, I bought a car, I didn’t get on the Internet and car dealerships for three months and bought my own choice on my own car, for this reason, for about a penny, I can buy a Hyundai accent , Voltsfagen polo hatchback or kia soul. The climate is adequate, it copes with its task normally - it maintains a different microclimate for the driver and front passenger. Clean configuration Comfort was not in stock. Good afternoon everyone! I have been using this resource for a long time, I consider it very useful, therefore, comrades, I want to share with you my first impressions of the new C3 Picasso on a 1.6 diesel engine in the Comfort package. The 1.4 engine is enough in principle, but I think if there is an engine for 25 more horses, then fuel consumption will be less, while I have 10-11 liters in the city. out of town 6-7l. depends on speed. Then for a long time I looked for all sorts of flaws in the reviews, on the forums, and talked with the owners. UAH At the dealer, the purchase process went well, met the deadlines, called, prepared the car, answered all questions, showed and told everything. Among the number of cars viewed, and there were up to a dozen of them as options, there was also a Citroen C3P. The old look of her is more than cicavi and the car is full of respect, it seems that they often turn around, which was unseen on the cob. Everything just pleases. Concerned about purchasing. more As a result, I bought a car in the Comfort configuration (at a discounted price) with additional. equipment - climate, wheels 16, roof rails, heated seats, dark gray metallic color, which I don’t regret at all now (I’m talking about special stages), but on the contrary, every day I rejoice in the correctness of just such a choice, although the difference in price was 18t. Musically: the acoustics in the car are normal. Chrome package and foglights will also not be superfluous. Studying the characteristics of different cars, reading reviews, now and then returned to C3P. Having sold the Ford, I contacted representatives of the AIS (we have one dealer in the Crimea for Citroens), about the acquisition, and then a little disappointment awaited, which later turned into charm, so to speak. Zovnіshnіy vyglyad she has more than cіkaviy і on the car zavzhdyayut respect, navіd more often ober. more First, about the appearance of the car. But if I were one, I would sell such a car with great pleasure! I wish you all the best in choosing and choosing a car! Became the owner of this wonderful car. Even a minor
the track makes you wonder "why did I stop by here." By carefully rearranging wheel after wheel, you can drive, leave and drive in. looks in dark body colors (wet asphalt and black) - our choice fell on wet asphalt. The radio control as well as the cruise control / limiter are located under the steering wheel on the levers. That is, no matter how much you press the pedal - the flow rate does not increase until you press hard on the floor and the limiter does not turn off automatically. But I'll start the story from the beginning, from the moment of selection and acquisition. The steering wheel is adjustable for reach and height. The speedometer and the information block are placed in the middle - everything reads perfectly, there are no arrows (everything is electronic), you get used to it instantly - you should not worry about it. Many people write that the clutch takes very high - I confirm, but I got used to it in a week and the shifts are already happening without jerks - you just start to feel the moment. Gear travel is short, crisp and easy. It is convenient so that when in some area, gaping, then not to look at your speed on a sight like 83 km / h. So. Citroen did not consider at all. Quiet, soft, full-time music very pleased, 6 pillows, climate, cruise, speed limiter, rain and light sensor, what else do you need gentlemen? Now in more detail. 11.06.2012 The machine is really very good! A lot of space inside, according to the options, it pulls on the premium cash register segment. I tried to drive along the Kyiv highway at a speed of 85-90 km. consumption was 5.2 per hundred. Chose a very long time. Very comfortable, lots of space, light, silence, quality materials. With roof rails, the car looks nice and a little higher. You can turn on either the limiter or the cruise. The trunk has a double bottom, which is convenient for storing various small things. In general, he subconsciously somehow hooked me with his appearance, and rich equipment, and the level of security, and the price is also important, it looked very competitive compared to other applicants, which I will not list - they are known. But I'll start the story from the beginning, from the moment of selection and acquisition. The engine runs quietly, there is a little lack of traction on the bottoms, the first 3 gears are short, all the same, for the city, first of all, a car, BUT - for the entire mileage of 1200 km (3/4 of them in the city), my average consumption is 7.1 liters - this is on a car that has not yet been run in - I think it is very significant. The 1.4 engine is enough in principle, but I think if it is. more The suspension is very soft, 16 wheels allow you to feel less holes in our directions, but at the same time, the 55 profile is still probably too small for us, well, it’s a little rolled on the hillocks, but that’s all
arranges. Music should be at maximum volume not to put pressure on the ear, even though it sounds like a sound. What struck me the most was the stability on the track, I thought that such a high bibika would walk like a sailboat in a side wind, no, it clearly keeps its course without taxiing. The dynamics in the car are alright, when listening to music, you feel like you are at a discotheque, you don’t need to add a buffer. Realizing that I need, first of all, a family (two children in the family), comfortable, spacious, safe car, again, I stopped at C3P all the time. At the same time, 100 km. on the highway in the mode of 80 - 100 km / h, and a couple of hours in a traffic jam around the city, and in normal mode around the city, and a trip through the field and woods, and the climate with the Conder.

Citroen C3 Picasso reviews

Hello! Having bought a car in early 2011. It is convenient to switch, everything is intuitively probed. It’s up to you, readers and seekers, of course to decide - I concluded for myself that I made the right choice both for the sake of the car’s capacity and for the sake of economy (10 liters per 200 km is still some kind of indicator) . From what I added in the car, I installed protection and covered the radiator with a mesh. I think that this review will be very useful for those who want to hear a lot of flattery about this car (which is not enough to make a decision), and completely useless for those who want to hear about its minuses - not because there are none, but because 300 km - this is not the mileage to dive into deep criticism. Then he did marketing research and the choice fell on the Frenchman. The rear row of seats in one touch transforms into a flat floor. Behind the wheel you are like in a van - a high seating position - you can see everything, visibility is excellent. In 4 days it will be a month since I own this extraordinary car. In practice, it looks like this: a speed of 80 km / h, a consumption of about 2.4 l / 100. The car is very spacious - a fairly wide and high interior, the rear row of seats moves and the angle of inclination of the backrests is adjustable. When choosing a car (for a young couple) considered many different options, but ultimately settled on: - Lancia Ypsilon (gasoline robot); - Citroen C3 Picasso (diesel mechanics). Set up protection. The car is full of satisfaction. 08.10.2011 Hello! Having bought a car in early 2011. Perhaps now the situation has changed, but at that time it was so. Everything suits me in it. Getting into the car every day, you experience a surge of positive emotions, the car really cheers you up. The armrest is clearly not enough - the hand gets a little tired when working with the mechanics (the habit of driving with the armrest affects). I came to the conclusion that in its price category, this car deserves special attention. The car that will be discussed has additional equipment that came from the factory, and which, in principle, is not superfluous, namely: heated front seats, luggage racks, longitudinal dual-zone Climate control Carbon filter Automatic switching on of the low beam (light sensor) and wipers (sensor rain) Front fog lights Steering wheel with leather trim and decorative chrome inserts alloy wheels. The engine is sharp and responsive. Noise isolation is even better, which adds even more comfort. Diesel, by the way, filled the usual one on Shell. 11/14/2012 In 4 days it will be a month since I own this extraordinary car. The car is full of satisfaction. I will skip this long story of why Citroen in particular and get to the point. I drowned the gas - the speed did not change, the consumption too, took my foot off the gas - the car resets
speed. The limiter, as I understand it, when the car reaches a set speed (for example, 80 km / h), controls the fuel supply when the gas pedal is pressed in such a way that exactly as much fuel is supplied to the engine as necessary to maintain the set speed. In general, the choice was made. But fuck such nerves. When cruising at a speed of 90 km / h, the instantaneous consumption shows about 3 liters / 100 km. I studied electronic gadgets gradually over the course of a week, everything is so unusual, I really liked the work of the wipers - they work faster with an increase in speed, the climate works adequately, the handbrake lever is a bit low, but you get used to it. A short trip through the field and the forest road immediately made it clear that you can go to a picnic in it, but you don’t need to. I can already speak for myself about quality, I trust the French, in authority for Russia. The machine is really very good! A lot of space inside, according to the options, it pulls on the premium cash register segment. This model is very harmonious. It really has the spirit of France, sophistication and originality. It is inappropriate to talk about reliability yet, weak points are known - stabilizer struts, thermostat (although these are probably assembly features) - time will tell. In the technical specifications, it is declared that the difference is 9, 2 l in me more than 8, 6 can not be. The alloy wheels are nothing special (I'm not talking about the Vitamin version now). Accent ta hyundai think sho garna packaging, and ak_st so itself like VAZ even pick them up in your own country and VAZ (in this country you can’t pick up anything sensible from a car). At the moment, the average consumption has never been reset since leaving the salon is 5.1 per 300 km. The choice was made and the calculation of price, efficiency, appearance, comfort and capacity. Speaking of the box. While it's rolling. What else. The seat heating has positions from 0 to 3. Not a driver's car, definitely, a family one - yes. Very pleased with the cruise control and speed limiter. I thought the dealer was deliberately misleading by trying to
to impose a car in a more expensive configuration, respectively, for a lot of money, but this turned out to be not the case, as I was convinced by calling several companies in Kyiv. The seats, in principle, are comfortable, the only thing is that there is no adjustment of the lumbar support - it could have been put, but this is not so important. Clearance. I will say right away that in the course of searches and comparisons it was very difficult to choose between Lancia and Citroen. If someone says that it looks great in other colors, I won’t argue. The landing is comfortable (with a height of 186 - there is no discomfort) - it doesn’t hurt anything, doesn’t interfere and doesn’t rest. Visibility is excellent. The signal is weak in my opinion. The trunk is huge for this car - it carried a dressing table plus two bedside tables and an overhead table with a mirror and an ottoman - EVERYTHING fit. The engine is very quiet. I am not a salon worker. 08.10.2012 Good day everyone! I have been using this resource for a long time, I consider it very useful, therefore, comrades, I want to share with you my first impressions of new. more I took care of purchasing a car six months ago, I planned to sell the 1995 Ford Escort, which faithfully served me for three and a half years, and take a new car. The fact is that I wanted a car in the standard Comfort package (air conditioning, iron wheels, etc.), and I only wanted to add alloy wheels and roof rails to it - the dealer said to wait up to two months, while noting that in available there is a car with additional equipment, but more expensive. The front doors close well and clearly, as does the trunk, but the rear doors need to be tighter. After passing the test drive on the second day I came and bought a car.


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